Economic Development


Our vision for Shell Knob is that of a destination community. It will have a distinct visual identity. The cohesive, socially active population will enjoy a wide selection of diverse activities, which will attract people of all talents to the area. The focus on managed, eco-friendly growth will make Shell Knob an extraordinary place to live, work, play, vacation and retire, while maintaining the rural flavor of our lake land area.


To strategically design expansion; to enhance, create and stabilize year round employment and commerce; to improve the quality of life and build a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing community by utilizing the abilities of residents; to attract new talent to the community; to maintain the pristine environment and preserve the rural atmosphere; and to stay within the parameters of the Shell Knob vision.

Quality of Life

Southwest Missouri enjoys an excellent climate for year-around golf. Coldest months are January and February which average lows of about 30 degrees and highs of about 50 degrees. Snowfalls are usually one to four inches and generally melt in a day or two. Warmest months are July and August which average highs of about 91 degrees and lows of about 65 degrees. Shell Knob offers a very low cost of living as compared to most parts of the country. Waterfront homes, golf course front homes and mountain view homes are quite affordable. Southwest Missouri has been identified by many organizations as a prime retirement destination as well as a good area in which to raise a family. Real estate taxes are relatively low, crime is virtually absent, public schools are generally small and well-rated, air and water quality are excellent and outdoor recreation is abundant. Springfield, Missouri and Bentonville, Arkansas have the closest airports of size (Kansas City, MO or Tulsa, OK offer International Airports). Springfield, Missouri has the largest regional hospital in the area (many smaller hospitals are also in the area) and the closest trauma center.

Demographic Profile



County Population

Persons 18-24 142         Barry County, MO 31,000
Persons 25-34 238   Stone County, MO 25,875
Persons 35-44 426   Carroll County, AR 18,600
Persons 45-54 600   Total 75,475
Persons 55-64 758      
Persons65-74 640  

Tourist Population

Persons 75+ 420   Branson, MO 6.5 million
Total 3,226   Eureka Springs, AR 1.5 million
      West Table Rock Lake Area 0.5 million




White 3,155   Grade School 265
Black 0   Some High School 546
Hispanic 23   High School Graduate 1,563
Other 48   College Graduate 255



Household Income

Executive/Admin/Managerial  97   Under $10,000 229
Specialty 71   $10,000-$19,000 475
Technicians & Sales 197   $20,000-$29,999 710
Clerical 203   $30,000-$39,999 575
Service 197   $40,000-$49,999 365
Production/Craft/Repair 223    $50,000-$74,999 630
Other Blue Collar 307   $75,000-$99,999 191
Non-Civilian 1,931   $100,000+ 61



Household Size

Owned  2,909   1 person 436 
Rented  323   2 persons 1,857 


    persons 426
Midscale Rural 2,112   persons 300
Lower Midscale Rural 1,111   5+ persons 216

Starting a New Business

Missouri Secretary of State

Small Business Administration

(Service Corps of Retired Executives)

A volunteer group of executives
available to help prospective
businesses with advice, business
and financial plans.

County of Barry
102 West Street
Cassville, MO  65625-1632

Health Department:

County of Stone

Health Department